Talk to us about your one-year old’s photography smash theme

Smashes are great for celebrating your little one’s first birthday.
We like to do your little one’s smash photography session between 11-14 months. (11 months if you would like the photos for their first birthday)
. Please keep scrolling to see a large variety of smash ideas.

Some great smash themes are Cake Smashes, Cupcake Smashes, Donut Smashes, Paint Smashes, Pasta Smashes.
Have a theme request? Let’s chat.

We love to end your little one’s smash session with bath tub photos.
A great way to capture the clean up moments.

One Sweet Peach Cake Smash

Pancake Smash

Donut Grow Up – Donut Smash

Rainbow Cupcake Smash

Naked Cake Smash

Paint Smash

Aloha One

Cake Smash

Pasta Smash

Fruit Smash

Lemon Smash

Let’s Get Wild Smash

Pasta Smash

Mermaid – Cake Smash

One Love – Cake Smash