Talk to us about your one-year old’s photography smash theme

Smashes are great for celebrating your little one’s first birthday.
We like to do your little one’s smash photography session between 11-14 months. (11 months if you would like the photos for their first birthday)
. Please keep scrolling to see a large variety of smash ideas.

Some great smash themes are Cake Smashes, Cupcake Smashes, Donut Smashes, Paint Smashes, Pasta Smashes, Pizza Smash. Please also ask us about our Simple Sessions.
Have a theme request? Let’s chat.

Your little one’s session does not have to include a smash theme, we offer a large variety of sets, props and themes that you can include in your little one’s session.

We love to end your little one’s smash session with splash photos.
A great way to capture the clean up moments.

Naked Cake Smash

Cake Smashes

Let’s Get Wild Smash

Pasta Smash

Splash Shots